Exclusive Dog Food Review 2020

Exclusive dry dog food is well-known for being a low-price brand of dog food while also offering high quality ingredients that are important to your dog’s health and well-being. The Exclusive brand of dog food has authentic real meat as the number 1 ingredient in each and every one of their dog food formulas. If you are feeling the budget on your purse or wallet like many of us dog owners, then the following dog food formulas should be great for a person on a budget.

Exclusive Dog Food Review

Exclusive currently offers customers 7 various different kinds of dry dog food in the current market today, and 4 of these special kinds meet the AAFCO nutrient requirements. The seven different types of Exclusive dry dog food are:

  1. Exclusive All Life Stages Lamb and Brown Rice
  2. Exclusive Senior Chicken and Brown Rice
  3. Exclusive Healthy Weight Adult
  4. Exclusive Large Breed Puppy
  5. Exclusive Adult Chicken and Brown Rice
  6. Exclusive Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice
  7. Exclusive Large Breed Adult

When looking at the quality of any type of dog food it is vital to take a look at the ingredients on the dog food bag and also on the order in which they seem to appear. Ingredients in general dog food are usually listed by weight most of the time, beginning with the heaviest ones. This simply means that the initial ingredients that are shown should be very high quality since they are considered the most abundant by weight.

Even though some dog food may have some ingredients that are considered somewhat controversial, this does not mean that you should stay away from them, but rather be mindful that if your pet dog has certain issues relevant to their food the cause may be because by some of the ingredients. Do not hesitate to ask your vet if you ever have any questions. Exclusive dog food usually includes barley, brown rice, rice flour, and even corn gluten meal. Also sometimes included in Exclusive dog formulas are Fish meal, some salt, brewers rice, and natural chicken flavor.

So, would you consider Exclusive Dog Food a healthy and smart choice for your dog to eat? All in all, customers who have bought Exclusive dry dog food have had many positive things to mention about the different dog food formulas. One of the main things about this type of dog food formula is that the overall price looks great for this type and brand of dog food. The dog food ingredients are very high quality for the price they are at. If the Exclusive brand of dog food matches your weekly budget better than other dog food brands you have purchased, than it most likely is the best choice to choose from.

Some dogs get anxiety and this can be stressful and upsetting to your precious animal. Thankfully, there are many different and creative ways one can naturally alleviate dog anxiety. Below, you will find 5 helpful and unique ways you can naturally alleviate dog anxiety in your dog. Because belive it or not, dogs go through anxiety just like we humans do. However, the sad thing is unlike human beings, dogs cannot vocally express their times of anxiety like people can. Prescribing medication is a smart option for some, but for others who absolutely resist to force Xanax or other pills on our pet dogs, there are many natural remedies available.

1. Calming Dog Treats

Some chewable doggie snacks like some calming treats, many created by holistic veterinarians, are powerful when given to your dog before something stressful like thunderstorms or car rides. If you’re looking for a great option to try, Zesty Paws Calming Bites come highly recommended and have hundreds of outstanding reviews!

2. CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil is also very helpful in many ways too. Only several drops of CBD oil into your dog’s food may help out joint pain, relax tense nerves and even may improve your dog’s heart health. CBD oil can be worth a try if your dog has bad anxiety and it is impacting it’s quality of life.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is an easy and natural way to help calm an anxious dog. In fact, lavender is not only a natural de-stressor for dogs but humans as well!

Lavender contains linalool, a fragrant compound that studies have shown can help stimulate calming signals to the brain that can help alleviate stress and anxiety for pets and people.

To help calm down your dog with lavender, drip two drops into the palm of your hands and massage the oil throughout your pet’s coat. The affection and contact will also help your pup feel less stressed.

4. Naturally Calm Dog Down With Music

A very amazing 2017 study showed that certain music actually helped many dogs who were kenneled up to chill out for a good while. Even though the music did not completely stop the dogs from barking, they did spend a great deal of time more lying down rather than running around and being anxious.

5. Doggie Anti-Anxiety Clothing

While many are initially skeptical about anti-anxiety dog clothing such as “thunder shirts,” many have found them to actually help quite significantly.

Did you know that the American Kennel Club’s official Calming Coat for Dogs gently puts careful force to a dog’s chest while the dog wears it? This amazing coat for dogs basically swaddles your pet dog and therefore fortifies a powerful sense of security. The Thundershirt brand produces similar products with various styles and sizing options available.

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